Rochdale Islamic Academy is an independent Islamic school for secondary-aged boys and girls. We are located across two sites (a short walk away from each other), the girls’ division and head office are based on Greenbank Road, and the boys’ division is on Taylor Street. As a commitment to our faith, we provide an environment in which individuals are encouraged to adopt through the understanding of Islamic codes of practice. As well as adhering to the National Curriculum guidelines and standards; we also aim to enhance each students knowledge and understanding of Islam.

Our mission

At Rochdale Islamic Academy, we want each one of our students to feel valued and happy through a stimulating environment which celebrates individuality, and to become a responsible, active member of society. We aim to develop their knowledge and understanding in order for them to recognise their roles and responsibilities to society as mature, intelligent adults.


Rochdale Islamic Academy was formerly known as Rochdale Girls’ School. It has been established and serving the community since 2003 at the Taylor Street site. Originally, it only catered for girls and in 2013, the school moved to new accommodation, which is a purpose-built single-storey school, previously owned by the local authority. Following the move, we decided to expand and facilitate for boys at the former girls’ site at Taylor Street in September 2014.